The Food Craving

I am on a potato kick.
OMG, I want something potato every night… and I am having a potato, in some form, every night! (No potato chips – yuck, that’s where I draw the line. Not a fan of the greasy potato chip). Legit baked, mashed, or roasted is the way. 🙂  I will admit, though, one night I had some fries – but I immediately thought they were kind-of gross and only ate a handful.

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When this innocent craving first started I thought nothing of it. Even though I am not a big potato eater in general, every once and awhile I do crave the mashed (and I definitely don’t think about them beyond the usual ‘side’). So, that’s not news. An entire week of this tuber – is.

The first night or two seemed normal and I was fine with it. Then it started trending… every night for dinner – it was like: I must have some potato! A week of craving potato is just not normal for me. This is not exactly the food choice one would dream about (well, not me anyway).

Tonight, as I have the simple baked potato (for my dinner) I couldn’t help but to wonder: why the hell am I craving potatoes? This is so not my norm. What is in this thing that my body is directing me to/needing? I don’t think I have ever gone three days in a row of even wanting/eating, or thinking about a potato. Yes, I have done the leftovers thing – two nights of the same but never beyond that. This is different: this isn’t a side… this is the main part of my dinner – or – IS my dinner.

Yes, I was a little slow on this one at realizing this was ‘intuitive’ eating in its most obvious form. 🙂  Haha… I am still laughing at myself for it taking me a few days to start realizing that I was, indeed, on a potato-kick.

Some cravings, for me, are usually obvious and I notice them within the first two days. Some are repeat offenders like: chocolate. That just screams I am needing magnesium. I do have a couple of others that will hit me every once and awhile – but like I mentioned, I recognize and take notice. This one is new to me.

I have known, read, heard and researched over many years how food cravings are basically something crying-out in your body for whatever that food has to offer. Most common cravings for people are sugar and/or salt. For me, I have learned that when the sugar crave is strong – it is my Candida wanting sustenance. Most of my life – I caved into this ‘cry’ – usually with immediate regret. To this day I still am working with my body to get that beast under control. I know that you can’t fully eradicate it, and you don’t want to – you do need some candida, but you can get a grip on it and keep it in check.

One of the smartest things I ever did for myself was to cut the gluten. I noticed that gluten and sugar are super close buddies. They usually are always hanging out together. Just picture that favorite baked good. Yup, those two can be up to no-good. Double-trouble. Cutting sugar cold-turkey can be hard. So I took the baby step and cut the gluten first. It was the gate-way food/item that would help ease me into cutting the sugar. It worked; well, it definitely helped. It helped me in many ways! I definitely don’t eat the gluten or nearly as much sugar as I once did. And I know I will never go back to where I was. I went hard-core my first two years of being gluten free. Just doing that naturally helped cut the sugar load. I got used to just not even wanting/desiring breads, pasta’s, baked goods, etc. I am now at this point where I can wisely choose if and when I even want to eat something with gluten in it. I am not celiac but I know that gluten was doing a nasty number on me. When I do eat gluten, for example, a pizza with a regular crust. I feel it – immediately.

But about this potato-thing though… what is up with that? Hmmm… yes, it has a high carb count and quote-sugar-unquote.  🙂  But it’s not a processed white sugar – it is natural ‘sugars’. I have a basic knowledge and understanding about the potato and what its mineral content is; but I felt I needed to re-visit this tuber and take a closer look. After reading about the potato and its nutritional values I don’t feel guilty about eating them for days… at all! This guy has really gotten a bad rap over the years. It’s not the actual potato itself but all the crap we put on top of it. I did keep mine fairly simple with salt, pepper and butter/ghee. I did put a blob of sour cream on the baked – but boy, my gut did not like that! Yup, I also struggle with dairy. I give in though and then feel the wrath later! 🙂

My body didn’t want the ‘flavorings’ I put on it – it just wanted the potato!

Along with the scientific information about the potato I am also intuitively digging around for physical-ascension reasons for why I must have this food item. I am finding that our physical bodies are being bombarded with photonic light; sun/solar flares; upgrades, higher frequencies, new energies and releasing the old to bring in the new. If we are heading for crystalline bodies there will definitely be some changing going on… and from deep within. Cellular structure and DNA is upgrading (if you allow) and I am guessing that this is going to cause some weird eating.  🙂

While the potato is no friend to the Keto diet (another way of eating that I have done) – because they are loaded with carbs. They are little power-houses in their own right. What stuck out to me was this info:

Potatoes are very effective in reducing inflammation, both internal and external. Since they are soft, easily digested, and have a lot of vitamin C (a very good antioxidant that repairs tissue wear and tear), potassium, and vitamin B6, they can relieve any inflammation in the intestines and the digestive system.*

And this:

Proper functioning of the brain depends largely on the glucose level, oxygen supply, various components of the vitamin-B complex, and certain hormones, amino acids and fatty acids like omega-3. Potatoes cater to almost all the needs mentioned above. They are high in carbohydrates, and thereby maintain good levels of glucose in the blood. This prevents the brain from letting fatigue creep in and it keeps your cognitive activity and performance high. Next, the brain needs oxygen, which is carried by the hemoglobin in the blood; its main constituent is iron.
Potatoes contain iron as well. Therefore, they help deliver oxygen to the brain as well. There are a wide variety of vitamins and minerals in potatoes that positively affect the function of the brain, including phosphorus, zinc, and the B complex vitamins. The vasodilating properties of potassium have also been connected to stimulation of brain function due to increased blood flow to it.*

*This info and more:

DNA upgrade

The vitamin and mineral content in potatoes is impressive – I knew it had potassium and magnesium but forgot these guys are great for vitamin C!

I know I am not eating these to gain weight… that is the last thing I need to be doing. What I need help in, however is things that help reduce any kind of inflammation – anywhere! I am all for the digestive/intestinal assistance. And I think it’s also really cool that the brain is getting a boost as well.

I see a brain-gut connection going on.  🙂  I see that an oxygenated brain is where it’s at! Especially for your pineal/3rd eye.

I have been working on my cleaning-up internally. I am no stranger to detoxes and cleanses. There is always some various ‘cleaning’ activity, at least once a year, with me. I’m packin’ around a lot stuff that sure can hinder the healing of ones over-all health and vitality. From heavy metals and toxins, to the lovely Candida and probably a fun little virus of something-or-another. Yes, work-in-progress, indeed! This year has been all about de-gunking, de-calcifying, and opening up my 3rd eye and having it functioning way better than it has been. And on this path, there is some cleaning up to do in addition to the norm (of diet change and detoxes).

If this need for what the potato has to offer is beneficial for my body’s upgrading, development, integration and functioning better – I am all for it. Vitamin C, vitamin B6 (helps form red blood cells), iron, magnesium, potassium, oxygen to the brain with better cognitive activity, and healing the inflammation; I am feeling better about this craving.


*P.S. – I know that when we start to raise our vibration, when we start to communicate with our higher self, and just start living in the new frequencies and energies… it trickles all the way down to our diet. You tend to become aware of the food choices you make. Some go vegan, some go breatharian (yes, it is interesting! But not for me), some just start cutting things from their diet that no longer resonates. I am the latter. When something no longer sounds, looks, smells or tastes good… I know I have to drop-it. My innate-body will make me ‘drop-it’. I have cut the old-need (old program) for thinking I needed a meat item at dinner every night. What once was red meat most nights of the week – is now red meat, maybe, once in the week (and sometimes not even that). I am leaning more towards fish and chicken. We are fortunate enough to be able to catch our own fish and we raise our own chickens. I know we are/I am in clean-up mode with what foods are good choices. It’s an organic, natural, flow of ridding things we thought we wanted or needed. A phasing-out, if you will. I am eating more plant-based – but I am not vegan. I don’t know if I will ever be an absolute vegetarian… I am not going to say ‘I never will’ because I really don’t know where I might end up. 🙂

Keep cravin’-on! If it’s a smart craving, that is!



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