Thanksgiving and the Full Moon

‘Dear Diary’,
Happy Thanksgiving!

affection appreciation decoration design
Photo by Carl Attard on

I just want to take a moment and express my gratitude for:
Family and friends. Love. Health and wellbeing. The freedoms of creative expression (and being creative on many levels!).
The Divine; the guidance. Joy. Happiness. Laughter. Gaia and all her beauty. The abundance I have in my life.
For everything I AM and everything I have.
This list could go on because, in reality, I have a LOT to be thankful and grateful for. But I will keep this to my quick-little summary.


Also… it’s a Thanksgiving with a full moon!
The full moon, in Gemini, on the 22nd at 9:39pm for my ‘zone’. The energy around this moon (at zero degrees Gemini): creativity, communication and infinite possibilities! This just sounds like a wonderful energy to get this holiday season in motion!

Since this is the first of many more full moons at zero degrees, the energy – for me – is already feeling pretty awesome! It’s that momentum-thing we have all been building-up on. Right? We all have been working on ourselves, in a good-way. Keep that momentum going! Keep taking that next-right-action; that next-right step. Keep tapping into that intuition!

silhouette of people standing neat tree under the moon
Photo by Gerd Altmann on

So, about this string of full moons at ‘zero degrees’ coming our way. I’m kind-of impressed by this. From now until March… I mean, wow! Wow-wee-wow! I have my thoughts on this… you know, those things that make you go hmmmm. My take… I think we have entered some sort of astrological/lunar zero-point, helping assist us in the grander of zero-points … collective consciousness. Like a part or a piece to the whole. Consecutive zero degree full moons that finish out our Master 11 year and then flow us right into the 2019 year. Hmmm… it just seems like we have a nice blend of all these different Divine/Pure Source entanglements (if you will; entangle – in a good way!). Maybe that’s not the best word choice… montage…? A nice montage going-on in, on, and around us! What a dance that is happening right now. A Divinely orchestrated dance of things we can’t even imagine!

Yes, it’s all for our highest good and yes, it’s for us to get our shit-together! Dump the old, bring on the new!

Zero point = collective consciousness. Mind – Body; Heart – Source. I don’t know if we have ever had any other consecutive strings of full moons at zero degrees before. Sounds like something to maybe go do some research on. The question is: does it really matter if we have had something like this before or not? Because we are doing this now, this is now, and we are becoming (or transitioning into) our new planet, now.

5D is new to us – us lovely humans! And zero point is that connecting point; it’s the unmeasurable point in space-time that connects all that is with all that could be. It is infinite, it is loving and it’s intelligent. Kind of like us, right? (Giggle) 🙂

Here’s to a conscious holiday season!
I hope your 11-‘11’ month has been going good…

Love and blessings.

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