Merry Christmas!

‘Dear Diary’,

I am thankful for this quiet little Christmas at home.
It’s just us this year… our family unit.
This is nice…

I love hearing the laughter of my kiddos, the goofiness, the fun! I am grateful that we like hanging out together: playing games/cards, baking and cooking, talking… from the joking to the deep discussions. There’s always snow to shovel (oh yes!); and on a good snow-year… sledding down our hillside! There’s Christmas movies to watch and sometimes – an art project or two! It doesn’t need to be ‘busy’ for us to be together; we can relax in the same room and not have to say a word. It’s true comfort and… joy!

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This kind-of reminds me of the writing assignments we would have back in school: What does Christmas mean to you?

And…inspired by what I just wrote:

Christmas is love, it’s true. Love for family and friends; family traditions: baking treats and cooking. Decorating the tree and hanging lights. The gratitude and thankfulness for gifts given and received. Hanging out and having fun! Spending time together and want to! This is all great!

It also has a deeper meaning:

Christmas is also… Christ consciousness and raising our vibration. Coming from our heart and approaching things/situations at a higher, Divine, perspective. Being the creator that you are, being the joy and happiness that you carry in your heart. Sharing and caring (ya, I know… a little rhymey but true).

Gratitude, appreciation, being thankful… mixed with some nurturing, care, kindness and even forgiveness. From Christmas to New Year’s – this is all heightened this time of year (for most). I realize not everyone is into-the-holidays and the good cheer, the happy moods, the wanting to give. It has different meanings for everyone. But I, for one, love this time of year!

I couldn’t let this day, this holiday, pass without vibrationally sending out my love, gratitude and genuine joy and happiness! If this reads like a greeting card… well, I was going to say ‘sorry about that’. But then realized – I’m not sorry because it kind-of is: a greeting card, from me to the Universe!

Love and Blessings to all,

Peace & Merry Christmas!


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