Is it summer yet?

The latest and greatest?

Uhhh, gotta say – in general, it has been all homestead-life around here since spring has sprung!

Activities have been mostly outside, weather permitting. We’re starting to have quite the mix of weather around here, causing some odd situations – garden wise, getting our DIY deck done, our chickens and meat-birds happy, healthy, and producing. This hot-cold, hot-cold stuff is playing with too many ‘emotions’!

Do plants have emotions? I think they do! They definitely have a vibration, a frequency, a tone even! So, if the growing conditions are throwing them a curve-ball, I would tend to think that they are having adjustment issues just like anything else would.

I am still hoping that this is the summer this garden really takes off! It is a garden-in-progress; three years young. We just added a few raised beds to it this spring. In hopes that we can really build up the organic compost/dirt as well as having just more growing capacity/space in the areas that just aren’t meant for… plants! Trying to make something out of a rocky mountain hill-side has been a challenge. But challenge… accepted!

It’s already weird that June is already half-way over and I could swear it just started two days ago! Yes, it has been quite the interesting year already and there is definitely more to come. The weirdness isn’t stopping anytime soon! This will be a year of many things coming to light, being exposed and for polarities to be acknowledged for them to begin to be balanced; healed – or at least to begin to be healed. You can’t bring balance to something if something on one side or the other is hidden, kept secret, stifled, and/or kept buried due to fear(s). Both sides need to be brought forth and ‘examined’, rationally-equally, and readjusted/integrated… balanced. This will be something happening for many things, many topics, subjects, thoughts/actions, processes, dealings, situations, programs, ways-of-doing and BEing. We are transitioning from old to new. And transitional, shifting, times can seem upsetting especially for those that desire to stay ‘the same’ or keep it the way it was. In-the-box-ers and closed mindedness would love to keep Gaia the way she was. Sorry, that ship has sailed. She is ascending and we are going with her, like it or not! You can leave if you don’t like it here anymore… and many will.

The energy is shifting to a higher consciousness and those that resist will have issues. We can hope for the best for humanity and DO our best to keep true to our Selves. We all must be working to heal and balance our heart-space right now! The fears can be strong for many, but those that understand that the self-healing is essential right now, will be the ones that ride this wave with some ease and grace. Not saying it will be smooth sailing… nope. Just a little more ease, and grace! 🙂

Keep working on your True Self, your authentic self. Be of your heart and the path you are on will continue leading you to your Divine future! The fear(s) game is strong right now but any fears in YOU want to be healed. Keep meditating, connecting to your Higher Self – the healing journey has its challenges but remember… you put them there in the first place!


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