End of Summer Smokes

The hubby and I live in an area where wildfires are becoming the norm for summer/fall activity. Not the best in ‘activities’, that’s for sure.

But they are happening and some, over the years, have been more close to home than others. We have had to evacuate a time or two. Our place-of-residence(s) would make it through, and so did we. It’s tough though and not a ‘fun time’ – at all! Feeling blessed… is an understatement!

The smoke filled air is usually thick and can hang around for days, maybe even weeks. Depending on location, weather, and severity of the wildfires. The ones burning right now are all around us – and yes, there are some big ones! Most everyone that is living on the west coast, west-states, are all in some sort of wildfire chaos. From smoke to actual fire… it affects us at some level.

We don’t have to do any prep-to leave (so far) and I hope that we don’t. But the chores and being outside must continue. The garden, the animals, pasture and bees… the things that need tending to smoky-air or not. Prep for winter (and fall) still needs to be done; at the same time… summer is finishing up.

This means spending time outdoors; with a mask on, sweating and trying to breathe, work the ground, and carry on. It’s not fun. It’s also taking its toll on my throat for sure! I have tripled and maybe even quadrupled my vitamin C intake. Extra vitamin D (because the sun has been blocked out for days), and consuming all kinds of herbal teas/medicinal plants to keep the system strong and protected from the damage this smoke can (and does) cause.

When the air is smoke filled and it’s a daily thing… it’s doing some damage to the body. Wildfire smoke or even cigarette – smoke is smoke and the body has to work twice as hard to keep things functioning. Without proper assistance – the body will take a beating and recovery is/can be tough. I, personally, am not a fan of the headache that can come with too much smoke. Vitamin C is great for this! One of the best anti-oxidants helping your body purge the yucky-stuff… works better than aspirin! (For me anyway!)

Thought I would share a few things to possibly consider. Little helpers if you find yourself in-the-smoke way longer than you ever dreamed of! Not just for smoky-times though. For overall health and wellness, immune system strength as well as respiratory and lungs; consider these supplements! Hopefully you are already utilizing most, if not all, of these. The only one that would be non-essential is the silver… but that is also debatable! 🙂 The basics, because we all should know what these are by now… right? It’s up to you to find out more info, if you so desire!

Sure… everyone says – get these from foods… but let’s be real for a moment. Supplementation is probably needed more than ever because we can’t get enough from foods! Great place to start, yes. Now – fill that deficiency-gap with good quality supplements.

Vitamin C – Antioxidant; anti-inflammatory; essential in the repair works of tissue, protects cells and boosts the immune system. I will take this throughout the day, every few hours, when I feel the smoke is getting really bad, it’s causing headache, or the throat (and eyes) is getting dry/itchy.

Vitamin D – Not really known as an immune booster – but it is. Not really a ‘vitamin’ but labeled as one – it’s a hormone. The best way to get it is through sunlight; where synthesis occurs. It does so much for our body and has been under-appreciated since the dawn of time (haha, pun intended). A few things it helps with besides immune building: metabolism, cell growth, and reducing inflammation.

Vitamin B’s… because, ya! I’ll just mention them in the mix here! They do SO much. You should be getting these into your body! 🙂 B complex, B 12… but talking about the B’s will get me sidetracked from the main focus of the smoky-air healer-pack!

Vitamin E – Antioxidant; cell signaling and immune booster. Helps form red blood cells. If your liver is in poor health – your vitamin E assimilation may also be having a really tough time. This vitamin is a power-house for protecting cells against damage caused from smoke, radiation and pollution/air-toxins. *Also partners well with Selenium; E will help boost selenium’s potency.

Selenium – Trace mineral, found in healthy soils and waters (but if you are eating foods from unhealthy soils, and drinking crappy-water… guess what? Not really getting any selenium). Antioxidant; power-house just like E. Separately they are mighty… and together – they are boosting each other! Protecting from oxidative stress, amazing for thyroid health, immune booster, keeps the metabolism running strong, and fights inflammation.

Magnesium – Need I say more? It’s one of the seven essential macro-minerals (essential? Yes, essential!) your body requires for optimal health and vitality. Working at the cellular level. Vital for many body functions it plays a role in: cardiovascular health, immune system, glucose/insulin – metabolism, bone structure/density; and can help reduce/ease headaches and PMS – to name a few things!

Colloidal Silver – Appreciated by the holistic healers of the world, frowned upon by… anybody else not into natural healing methods. Hmmm, interesting isn’t it? It’s been used for thousands of years for its anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. Silver doesn’t mess around! Used to stop disease spread before the ‘invention’ of the antibiotics of modern day; it suffocates viruses/bacteria. The core/basics of colloidal silver is that it is: water containing nanometre sized particles of suspended silver.

Researching this further for oneself is recommended. The best way to discern if this is right for you – is by doing your own investigations. I, personally, have had this in my arsenal for many years, and in many forms. From sinus infections to cuts/scrapes, and most recently: in spray form. Spraying this in my mouth and on my face (during these really smoky times) has truly kept the ‘sore throat’, dry throat, and burning eyes at bay.

Activated Charcoal – The ultimate purge-helper! By binding to toxins, chemicals and gases in the gut – it helps detoxify by basically grabbing-on to these un-wanted’s and shuffles them out the GI tract via the poop! Yes, this is all scientific! But this stuff works – and has been utilized for food poisoning; even hospitals administer activated charcoal! This is not your bbq briquettes, no! This is activated charcoal from organic sources, best one is probably coconut shells. Not to be abused and made a daily habit… it’s great for times of feeling a need to help with cleansing, detoxes and days or weeks of smoke inhalation.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

You don’t have to just pop vitamins! There are a couple of other ways to help yourself out.

*Medicinal herbs, plants – teas and tinctures. There are so many that can do some great healing works on your body. From Eucalyptus, Lungwort and Mullein to Peppermint, Thyme and Oregano, there’s many herbs and plants in Mother Nature’s garden to help assist in any healing/health situation. Help is just a plant away!

*On that same vein – essential oils of such plants can be utilized as well. Diffusing in your home will bring a level of healing that can pack a punch (along with or by itself)! Mix and match. I love Frankincense, rosemary and lavender! They are like this… triple threat! 🙂

*There’s always benefits to the Air purifier! Machine style or Mother Nature style – there are lots of plants that help purify the air! Palms, snake plant, ferns, spider plant, peace lily – just to name a few!

*I can’t help but to give mention to the Crystal realm as well. In your personal space(s)/home, wearing them, toting them in your pocket… amethyst is a classic, amber is a good one – both are great at transmuting the negative to positive! Lapis lazuli for immune boosting and throat healing; Rose quartz for the heart space and over-all healing and love; Jade for lung healing – a great balancer; the ‘Black’ beauties of: Onyx, tourmaline and shungite… all absorb the negative energies.

There are endless possibilities with mixing and matching any crystals and stones for one’s over-all health and wellness – for any issue/ailment!  

There’s endless possibilities for mixing and matching ALL these helpers for healing! There’s things not even mentioned here. I guess I should also throw into the mix: the wonderful power of the energy healing, acupressure points/acupuncture, meridian massage/tracing meridians, and massage in general!

Whatever you choose, for assisting you, for your: health, immunity building, strength, cleansing/detoxing, vitality, and radiance – during ANY time of year and ANY external-happenings – be gentle with yourself. Patience, care, nurturing, Self-Love is multi-faceted and goes beyond the ‘quick-fix’.

Take care of You!

Love and Blessings ❤

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