The 12th Month

December 2020

12-1-2020, 12-2-2020, 12-10-2020, 12-11-2020, 12-12-2020, 12-20-2020, 12-21-2020, 12-22-2020

Look at all these fun ‘codes’! Almost looks binary!

Fun fact: binary coding – that Gottfried Leibniz developed in 1689 – is based on the I Ching. Spirituality and codes from the Universe run deep! 🙂

This month (all months are actually this energetic once awakened/ascending) is going to be packed with energies and frequencies for us to get into alignment with our true Selves! This is a great month for working on the healing, balancing and harmonizing aspects of our total and complete Divinity.

I, personally, have been enjoying the energies… all year actually. Sure 2020 has been a shake-n-wake system for those not awake and need to be awake; for me it has been… continued healing. November and December are when I find myself assessing the earlier months. How I have come a long way since January… heck, since October! Things are moving rapidly in my spiritual, higher-conscious, healing – and I love it!

It matters now, more than ever, where/what you are aligning yourself with and giving consent to. These are the foundation-days of your path. Your future will be unfolding for you with each individual higher-purpose/higher-conscious choice you make. Mind-set, Self love, gratitude, healing trauma and deep wounding (ancestral), creating and co-creating, observing in neutral-point, allowing and being in flow (not resistance-to), aligning with Heart and with Soul… all need to be taking place right now! Making choices against your ‘true north’ and resisting your Soul’s purpose will keep you in an emotional turmoil state. Issues will arise (sometimes continually) for you – to stop and deeply, truly asses your direction. This is happening in ‘real time’, right now! Almost… instantly!

Having an awareness to one’s Self, an understanding of the Universe inside you, is one of the greatest keys to the Kingdom! It truly starts with being awake and aware! We are seeing this wave of awakening happening at warp-speed! It needs to… linear time is of the essence! This is the decade for humans to choose, align with, heal and BE in the higher state of consciousness: Love, unity and freedom. It’s an awesome time to be here! We came for this! We all chose to be here on earth – to experience the shift in human consciousness and to be those that ARE shifting the consciousness.

Evolution in this early stage of this ascension round just looks, seems, and feels chaotic and discombobulated. Beginning stages of most things can be/feel this way, right? We have been in a separation-mode/duality for a very, very long time. Gathering up and collecting all of our parts-n-pieces, healing all levels of ourselves without judgement, and transitioning into a Unity state (individual and collectively) is going to be some homework, some bumps in the road, and some real deep shadow work! You want to do this! You do… I do, we do! Because if you are here now, you signed-up for this! And how FUN!

This will be on your multi-dimensional resume!

Ya, I did planet earth… was there during the bifurcation and the ascension cycle transition, timeline shift and healing of Gaia and the HUmans towards their higher dimensional selves! What a ride! Totally worth every penny! (Don’t ask me if I would do it again though! Hahahaha) 🙂

Yup, this month will be no exception to the transitioning that IS taking place. There is no stopping it. There is no ‘going back to normal’. Gaia is on a trajectory for and to higher consciousness and we are riding this wave with her. We are fifth dimensional and higher consciousness BEings… and cleaning and clearing the black-goo of third dimensional programming is a requirement to get/be there.

During this month of tradition (new and old); meaning: holiday-time when emotions tend to be heightened: love, caring, nurturing and supporting of each other, community and sharing – be in your Heart-Space. Truly in your heart! Yes, we should always be residing there, but for many – this is completely new or really different terrain. Healing the heart is a deep process, be patient with yourself and with others. Be gentle but be diligent with your continued healing processes.

We’re closing up shop on this zero-year and hopefully we have all been learning/did learn a few things. Whatever those things were for you – I hope there has been growth, consciousness expansion, healing, awareness, deeper love and appreciation – all along the whirlwind ride of the seemingly negative things that have been going on. They aren’t ‘negative’, they are showing the other-side, the shadow(s), the work that needs to be done as you need to be turning INward; the Universe (and beyond) is inside you. You control your destiny.

Purging and clearing of systems and programming will continue. There is a LOT of shadow work throughout the Universe as well as within our own little micro/macrocosm! Many will choose to leave this planet, many will stay and ‘fight’. I don’t really care for the word ‘fight’ – but it represents the awakened/ascending. Those that are here to shift consciousness, to help with the healing, repairing and rebuilding of not only our Selves but of Gaia.

Positivity, love and hopefulness aren’t just froo-froo words we carry around and live on the surface. For many of us – it is a real mind-set, consciousness, and way of BEing. This needs to be the contagion throughout humanity, not the fear-based programming, issues/illusions, and false beliefs. I Hope that we all seek positive change, shifts and transitions going forward! When we come from a place and space of Love… it will organically take shape. With more awareness comes speed/quickening. Please awaken to those that are asleep, please continue seeking and sharing truth for those now awake, and please continue to be the Divine Light to those on their ascension path! We are the Light!

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