Master Numbers: 22 & 11


We have officially observed the Solstice, the Great Conjunction, and the Gateway for 2020 that was 12-12 to 12-21. We also get to enjoy a double master number day, today the 22nd! 12-22-2020: this beauty breaks down to a master number 11 as well. Is this the ‘book end’ to all the excitement and higher-energies? Probably not; just part of the mix! The new energy/frequencies are not stopping (not that I am aware of). We are adding-in a new layer of ascension. This early-stage phase is getting some juice! And this equals… more power! (Insert your best impersonation of Star Treks: the Captain and Scotty demanding more power… and ramping up the turbos as we set our trajectory to the next dimension! The 5th and beyond!)

We are getting, receiving, and feeling this ‘more power’ as the Divine Mother has returned to claim Gaia and the inhabitants here.

What’s on-tap for us in this now moment: alignment with our Soul and our purpose(s) here. Our ‘true north’ (courtesy of the great conjunction we just experienced); living from our heart-space, is and will be easier to align with and gravitate towards. Having awareness, being spiritual awakened and attuning to what lies in our heart will not steer you wrong. Intuition is ‘the new’ brain and guidance-system for thought-streams/patterns. With the dismantling of the ego mind and the building of the new template of our energetic systems – over analyzing and trying to over-work the math problems are ‘old school’. Tune in to your heart, your ‘gut’-feelings, the intuitive hits, ideas, and concepts to guide you on your new path; your Soul path.

A little boost in that direction (always welcome!); 12-22-2020 has a vibration ripe-for-the-pickin’! Meditate, meditate, meditate! Connect to your higher-Self, listen to what You have to say! The guidance is there for you; the volume is now turned up, and the flow is yours when you align to your truth; your True North!

Enjoy the frequencies and energies on your journey through any and all healing, processes, creations, co-creations, and getting/staying in the flow that is: You!

The day: 22; The Universal energies: 11 (1+2+2+2+2+0+2+0 = 11)

Master number 22 = Represents Spiritual mastery; Self Mastery. It encompasses the growth and evolution of one’s Self. The Universe is INside you, Divinity is You; this master 22 number is very powerful, very Divine. This is also about awakening to Soul purpose; being on your correct and True path.

It also has the vibration of 4. Foundation, stability and structure.

Master number 11 = Higher Source, higher power, higher consciousness. Intuition and Divine wisdom. It represents truth, clarity and trust. Developing strength in all that the master 11 number represents will propel you to consciousness expansion and higher states of BEing.

It also has the vibration of 2 (more 2’s!). Cooperation, harmony and peace.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Love to you all! ❤

May you have a wonderful, blessed, Soul aligning… I was going to say – rest of this year – but actually mean: forever! 🙂 We are infinite.

I know 2020 was a doozie! It was ‘the Awakener’, the ‘Dark Night’ producer/exposer, and Healer – bringing up issues (at many levels) to be acknowledged, witnessed, and healed. This was for our higher good, the evolution of the HUman race has begun. The third dimensional matrices and programs are dissolving, being dismantled. What many thought was the way things will always be (pre-Covid) and/or hoping things will ‘go back to normal‘ (any day now) – are most likely having some of the most painful, challenging times.

I send love out to all; change is imminent, it has already begun. New Earth is anchored. The best things to be doing right now: Self care and being gentle, forgiving of ourselves. Love, Awareness, consciousness expansion and connection to Source/Higher-Self. Patience and compassion; growth at all levels, and healing at all levels!

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