Happy 2021!

Happy New Year!

May this be a year full of blessings, healing, health, creative flow and Love!

This should be a year of lots of change… It’s a 5 year after all. In numerology the five represents change, freedom, adventure, transitions, shift, flow and adaptation!

This should be a year with lots of movement. Moving things in the right direction! Transitions and shifts continue and will start to become more obvious or tangible. If you are or have been working on your amazing future πŸ™‚ then this will be a year that brings a few things to anchor it in!

It’s funny to be saying things like ‘anchor in’ for a year of fluidity and movement. But some things will need to be doing just that! The good things! The energies of the Higher Self will be integrating with us this year with (hopefully) more assimilation – less resistance. Still continuing to purge the old non-serving energies/emotions, while integrating our True Self. This will be an exciting, life altering, forward moving, higher vibrational transitioning year… if you Trust and Allow it to be so.

This is where my heart and head are at. Shift, change, propelling me; my Soul, my Authentic Self, onward and upward towards complete Alignment! Continued work/processes at all levels and layers (deep inner healing, inner-child healing, wounding/trauma) don’t stop until they are complete/cleared/released. As healing ensues so does the next level of ones existence and experiences here (on Gaia). The gradual levels of elevation to ones Soul/Spirit path and consciousness brings further awareness to the amazing infinite intelligence, love, peace, ease and grace, abundance and creations in this now moment. It’s wonderful, liberating, and a heart-based existence!

Yes, please! Sounds great! I want that! πŸ™‚

If you are like me and are dreaming BIG these days… keep it up! But the dreams need to be from the heart. Superficial dreams won’t come to fruition – or… turn out the way you thought they should. These will fade or falter as only Truth is anchoring in Now. Dream BIG but dream from your true heart and in alignment with your Soul. When you do – your path and purpose(s) will be in Flow.

Happy flow, change, shift and transition year everyone!

We are fluid, we are flow, we are energy and frequency… always in motion, always transitioning.

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