March already?!

I have been in a state of energy-integration since… the year started! The last three months have been fairly intense but in a good way!

The winter solstice (last year) was an activation that has taken me on some super-deep healing processes that go beyond this lifetime. The desire to reserve my energies and not waste it on too many ‘exterior’ things can keep me in a ‘hermit’-like-mode. The fact that all this was going on during the dead-of-winter here, and not too many things have been planned, is a lovely blessing.

I would love to just sleep for days and weeks! 🙂

The first things that fall off the radar are things like… writing for a blog, spending time on the various platforms (of social media for example), projects (many of them around here!), over-exertion, planning too far ahead (like, into the next week!)…

I had many moments of feeling like I am in a ‘holding pattern’; the density of the linear time felt like ‘dead-space’ or super slow moving. It’s all part of the ascension processes, healing, integrating, assimilating; dropping density.

The last two months have been: wanting to veg-out, sleep, move gently – like Qigong; or just do a lot of reading, learning, expansion of consciousness, meditations, and TONS of inner-reflective processes and inner-child healing.

Needless to say – it has been quite-a-bit of stillness… so I can/could do healing and repair work and many levels and layers.

It is now suddenly March… 🙂 and the spring equinox has just passed.

Where has time gone? It’s flying, I guess!

Spring is springing around our little place and space and I am loving it! A lighter load energetically and the ground thawing physically brings new excitement for the months ahead! I have got little seeds in the warm windows; planning my attack for the garden this year, and the new animals that have arrived are also the seasonal kick-off for us!

I feel it will be a great year, full of shifting, fluidity, flow, and transitioning towards the future-Self! I am ready! Are you?


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