It’s hot around these parts! The PNW (Pacific Northwest) has been under this ‘heat dome‘ as of late. I don’t know how long this ‘dome’ is going to last but dang… I could go for some low 90 temps! πŸ™‚

The 100+ is a bit too hot for me; I prefer them 80’s to be honest.

This is even a little too much for my garden! Pepper plants and melons… seem to be the only ones out there just lovin’ it. Everything else – I gotta keep the water on these precious babies during the heat of the day. As I write this – we have been in the upper 90’s and have been calming down from the blistering 112/115! It’s amazing how you can actually feel the cooling off and lower temps from 115 down to 99! This weather isn’t just affecting the garden – it is affecting many things (wild fire potentials) and many people! I hope everyone has a way to keep cool(er)!

We do have AC but keep it set high. It’s still around 80 in the house just to keep the unit from a constant ‘on’ position. It may sound a little warm – but when you go outside and then come back in… it’s cool and comfortable!

Farm-life has been a little different. I have been feeling a little un-productive and it’s kind-of weird. Feels like a winterfeel but it’s summer and sizzling hot! It is actually very physically-draining; energetically-draining, which then causes this mental-Blah. You want to be out there doing things but there is just no way I want to be out there for very long! It slows projects/production/chores, etc. Trapped indoors at winter; trapped indoors… right now! Hahaha… ‘trapped’, so funny. Not really trapped. πŸ™‚

We are finding the moments to try and get out on the water. This is nice mental ‘ahhh‘ moment(s). The cool, relaxing, vibe of water… it really can do wonders!

* * * * * * *

The plus side of all this Solar-Love: ❀

Sun tea is brewed in, like, 2 or 3 hours!

Solar-‘cooking’ is a fun project! I made a batch or two of ghee – using the sun and solar heat! It worked amazingly and never had to turn on my oven/stove!

The herbs are drying quick! And without having to use my dehydrator. I lay them out (not in direct sun) and ta-da… seems like they are dry in no-time!

My hair, after a shower, BOOM! Dry in minutes! πŸ™‚

I guess there is 2-sides to everything, right? Even the scorching heat has it’s perks. Just don’t be walking on things (ie the deck) ‘out there’ bare foot – that… burns!

My solar ghee making project! Look at the solids at the bottom and the beautiful golden-ghee on top – ready to be filtered!
Filtering the solar made ghee.

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