Feeling Those Feels

I have had the summer, and into fall… of feeling the higher-energies and frequencies come pummeling in. This is a good pummel! Is there a good pummel?

Pummel: def. to pound or beat.

Ya, I am going to still use this term! hahaha! 🙂 I sure am tired, and feeling…beat!

Nobody said ascension would be easy. But then, nobody knows what to expect, feel and… fully know – about ascension anyway. This is a level playing field for everyone. Level – in the terms of: we are all here at the same ‘time’ and riding this ride together. The differences are – that we all will be in our own individual seats on this ride, but yet collectively we are all ON this ride. Did that make sense?

Imagine a roller coaster… ya, that’s a good metaphor already! 🙂 The population of humanity, as well as all realms of earth, are all on the roller coaster (earths ascension process is the ride but not completely… the ride. I tend to get off-track; haha – pun intended, so, I will be vague in my metaphoric-story). Together, we are all squeezing in and on! But on this ride you have your own seat, space and place. It is yours, it is You. What happens in your own ‘seat’ is all You; it’s up to you, your choices, and actions, processes and healing endeavors, etc. The ride as a whole… is going to bring each one of us things to feel, experience, acknowledge, forgive, neutral-witnessing, process, repair, release, integrate, adapt, adjust, know, understand, cognize, and thus – gradually embody – or embodiment (over this duration of healing and repair work).

You have to feel ‘it’ to heal it. The ride will/is taking us as a collective group, and as our individual Self, up and down, in and out, twisting, turning and even spinning! It’s dropping us down through some low-low spots, dipping way down so we can see what is lurking in the dark and shadows. We have to look at this stuff with our eyes OPEN. This is the acknowledging and recognition that: yes – this is really happening, it is really there, or I have been packing this thing around; it is needing to be repaired, cleared, released and healed. Once this process has begun – the ride will then take us (you/me/everyone) back up the clickity-clackity tracks ascending upward. While in this in-between from point A to point B – it is offering us the place and space to recalibrate, get centered, breathe, process accordingly, integrate what is needed and adjust further into our spiritual-alignment. All, just in time, to do something similar (but never the same/identical) all over again when we hit a high spot or a low spot. You are either clearing and releasing, acknowledging and forgiving; or repairing and healing, integrating and becoming.

There are going to be lots of culminating moments (at the top) of feeling good, vibrant, wellness, energetic, clarity, motivation, love, joy, new perspective, heart-space true-self living! There should be… every second of every day of this! But we aren’t quite there yet. We have a lot of work to do to get ourselves there. When we clean-up and heal/repair our Selves – we are repairing and healing the collective, the planet, our ancestral lineage, and even galactic/universal timelines. And this is truly one of those: the MORE the merrier concepts. The more that awaken to ascend the faster truth will come to light. More hands make light work! (boy, that saying has some deeper connotation to it, doesn’t it?)

The more that awaken and see/witness the false, manipulated, deceit and lies we have been living under (as human earthly inhabitants) the quicker the repair work, transmutation of, clearing and releasing; bringing about the healing. What ensues: new thought, fresh perspective, higher consciousness perception, expansion, love, care, nurturing support and embodiment of our higher dimensional Self. Full disclosure is very real. It is currently unfolding in various places and spaces on this planet. That is part and parcel to this ride we are on. Collective dark night, individual dark night, Universal dark night… it is happening in our Now. That’s why it feels like a roller coaster ride of epic proportions!

We are all feeling the feels! For ourselves and through the collective. If you have past life energies you are holding on to, or maybe even Galactic energies you are packing around… it is all surfacing now. So many are at a loss of what is really going on for them, ‘to’ them and within them. This can cause confusion, chaos, disconnect, melancholy, anxiety, depression, stuck-ness, sick-ness, dis-ease, or anger, resentment, bitterness, and hate. Such a plethora of all kinds of negative energies. These can be shadow/entities/stuck energies/miasma radiating from your light-body which eventually manifests throughout your physicality and reality.

Hanging on to (and continually allowing) energetic cording’s, attachments, contracts; and when you allow others to hook into you, siphon you/your energies, soul-suck, and even steal your ‘space’ – you will have more issues with your own thoughts, feelings, energy levels; the way you process emotions, and how you act and react/actions taken in the world (or your reality). This is disconnect from your soul and spirit. Since there are so many variables to how this is going for every single human on planet – there is no one answer for how to heal completely. It boils down to individual healing that is custom to each and every one of us! This is truly why starting with your heart-space is always the best recommended ‘step 1’, or a huge part of your ‘step 1’.

We are at a Universal place and space – where ascension is happening. It is real, it is a thing; and those that are in an understanding of this will most likely have an easier time with their seat on the roller coaster ride. I can only speak for myself, but I thank God every day that I am truly awake and aware and working on my healing, spiritual, journey right now! Knowing that ascension, in itself and as a whole, is why things are going the way they are (which is ‘up’! :-)) allows me the space, the calm, the rationality, the knowing-ness, healing and processing with peace in alignment with my soul – constantly working towards embodiment – offers a greater level of ease and grace in my Now reality. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all smooth road and rainbows and butterflies. I just understand that when it’s time to dig in and do the work… I do it, without judgement.

I feel a lot of people are missing out on such an amazing time in our planetary history right now. Because of their disconnect to their souls and their higher Selves (due to deeply embedded programing/systems, for example) they live in their own ‘lost’ soup of confusion, depression, pain, anger, being manipulated, ‘guilted’, brain-washed, frustration and/or illness. If/when they allow their heart to open and ‘take the wheel’, through healing, they could be utilizing these amazing energies and frequencies for some of the deepest healing and repair work. Healing their families (earthly and multi-dimensional/parallel), healing the planet at some of the deepest levels within/throughout her, and even be healing and repairing things throughout our cosmos! It’s endless, limitless. Doing so brings one more liberation from the shackles of this third dimensional matrix.

I know and understand that there are many people here that have chosen to NOT awaken and ascend. I also know that millions of us star-seeded light holders and grid-workers are here to wake-up, roll our sleeves up, and re-connect, re-calibrate, and repair anything-and-everything from our own families to things as big as galactic wars and beyond! But the time is NOW. This needs to be happening now.

So, when I say that I feel like I have been getting pummeled with higher frequencies and Universal light, energy, love, and ‘go-juice’ 🙂 from the higher heavens and multi-universal dimensions – it’s not an understatement! If I can feel this, know this, and understand what this is (but then, the work ensues, right? Because I now need to go through next level healing and integrative work! Thus, my ride – within the Ride!) it helps me stay and be more connected to my higher-Self and God/Source. I want to be/feel guided, supported, nurtured through this ascension process! It’s liberation and freedom from the negativity and lower-energies/frequencies residing on the earth plane. I don’t even want to think of ‘where I would be’ at this place and space if I WASN’T awake and on my healing journey! Which kind-of is…where most of this planet is. Sleeping, groggy, disconnected, discombobulated, lost, confused, feeling things in and through their physical vessels that are misunderstood. Ascension to higher frequencies/energetics is bringing the sleepy-people to points of needing to either wake up, or continue their sleep-state and finalize their incarnated time here. This can be witnessed and observed on a grand scale right now in so many ways.

Health and/or healing crisis is one of the most ‘in-your-face’ messaging that your soul and body can/will give us to wake-up and smell the shadow-work! I, myself, have had a health/healing crisis a-time-or-two! Who hasn’t? We’re human. It is interesting to observe, for those of us awake and witnessing, the choices people are making during this time of dark night and their connection(s) to their own heart/soul. Or, lack of connection – to their heart and True Self.

I take one day at a time, one minute at a time – because my consciousness awareness is in alignment to my higher Self – I am fully aware that anything can/could happen at any minute of any given day! Once the clearing of miasma, lower frequencies, shadow(s), programming, false/inorganic manipulations (and so on) has begun, with one’s conscious intent to do so, things move, change, shift rapidly. What is rapid in a 3D matrix? Very suddenly! Out-of-nowhere! Randomly! Without warning! 🙂 You get the gist…..

I didn’t think this was going to be a long-winded post-entry (hahaha)… ahh, there’s that ego-mind/monkey-mind trying to drive the bus! I’ll finish, when I finish! 🙂

Seriously though, taking care of one’s health and one’s mental and emotional state is (should be) a biggie right now. But you need to be in control of it – You and all parts of You. Claim your power, your sovereignty and freedom! Hive mentality, Herd mentality, being a Sheeple, handing over your power, letting others persuade you into their beliefs – is all kinds of wrong. This is programming and enslavement at some of it’s deepest levels. This is where the connection to your heart becomes your new advisor, guider, driver, nurturer and support-team!

Put your hand on your heart and just breathe. Relax into it, feel the heart beat, notice your calm breath. Smile. Tell your heart, and your whole Self, how much you love it, appreciate it, how you cherish it and You. Think of, or speak out-loud to yourself, how grateful and thankful you are for being here, now. Feel the love. Feel the tears start to well-up and spill-out; these are tears of joy, love, and connection. Feel your Self expand just breathing and connecting in to your body, your heart. Where you go from there is infinite and allowing yourself to be limitless is part of that ‘step 1’!

Be here. Now.

Enjoy every moment of every moment.

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