Happy 2022!

…And my Thank You card for 2021!

I just want to give thanks and gratitude to another year of feeling blessed.

I was waking up every morning! πŸ™‚ That should literally be the all and everything, right there! Waking up each day… something we all just ‘do’ and most likely take for granted. πŸ™‚ It’s interesting we all just assume we will wake up tomorrow and keep-on keepin’ on. (I mean, I do!) Such an interesting concept. BUT – we also wouldn’t want to obsess over it and fill our every-evening with anxiety that we may or may not…

The intention wasn’t for this to be a weird-twisty blog post… hahaha

It’s a quick gratitude entry for a year that went relatively well for me (and the hubs)!

Thank you 2021:

Besides waking up everyday feeling gratitude…for that! I was (and am) healthy, happy, with an over-all wellness that radiates from my heart-space – and do my due diligence to remain that way. I take my vitamins; utilize the plant realm for it’s health, maintenance and healing power(s). I get in my Pilates, the occasional cardio (bustin’ ass outside building fence, for example), get in my weights, and sometimes do a little Qi Gong. On the creative-outlet side of things: making, doing, painting, drawing, arts/crafts, this and that – there is usually something (or 2 or 3) out and needing me to work on it, finish it… start it! hahaha.

The diet is always in some sort of transition – as I transition. I cleaned up the ‘sugar’ consumption (that I didn’t seem to think I had. But ‘sugar’ hides in everything). When you go low-carb and keto-ish for a few months – you realize how much sugar and naughty carbs are in a lot of things! Saying ‘no’ to corn chips and the tacos for the summer was… rough! But I prevailed and got through it. I can honestly say now: I don’t need them corn chips! They don’t call out to me like they used to. I love this!

My spiritual healing/growth: will always be a work in progress! Another thing I love! ❀ I had some deep inner-healing moments throughout the year. I will say, the front-half of the year was heavier than the last half. I feel like I have spent the end of the year just trying to catch-up (physical body to spiritual). More tired, moments of feeling exhausted, mental-drain days, physical-drain days… just wanting sleep, sleep, and more sleep! I know there is also connection to the work I do in the astral. When you are doing a lot of work(s)/healing/repair, to name a few, in the sleep state – you can wake up just as tired as when you went to bed! Taking good care of the body and mind, soul and spirit, with nurturing/supportive ways and things – always good. πŸ™‚

Also, for 2021 gratitude, the homestead – in general. So thankful for what we have here and the continual growth and work we are putting into it! Building up something from almost nothing is labor intensive. But we are doing it in steps, gradually. There are moments when I am just tired of it… but even on days of dragging my feet to do them chores… still: thankful and appreciative! Being able to raise our own food, at all the different kinds/levels (from animals to plants) is so awesome! Harvesting, preserving, canning, storing, freezing, drying… and everything in-between: feeling blessed (even on those days I’d rather be somewhere else).

And on that note: also am having fun and enjoying the processes of learning and practicing, experimenting and developing skills in the home apothecary realm! I just want to learn and do … more! I have several things getting tinctured at any given time! Love making vinegars, pickling things, fermenting stuff, infusing and what-ever else lights the fire! Once you get going and have fun with it; realize how easy most of it is… you just want to keep going and do some more!

And maybe this brings me to: 2022!

Oh the places I wanna go… actually, it’s more like: oh the things I wanna make and do!

I’m really excited for spring to roll around so I can get back out into the garden. Well, the fingers are crossed because we could have snow until April! Our grow season is short around here. The windows will be lined with starts and plants by March. All patiently waiting to hit the dirt out in the garden! πŸ™‚

I am (still) currently working to establish my herb and ‘tea’ plants. Not actual tea plants (although that is on my list of things wanted) but plants, herbs, flowers and medicinals – that can all blend to make… tea! So, along with all those pumpkins and tomatoes – there will be lots of pretty smelling plants and flowers.

I like to add something new every year. 2021 was the year I got my stevia to not only germinate from seed – but it took off, grew well, and I am now collecting seed (so I can try and grow more stevia)! Man, is that one tough plant to get going from seed. Reminds me of the rosemary plant (from seed)… a fickle thing. Maybe it’s just me, trying to grow a warm climate plant in a cold mountain zone! πŸ™‚ But, I have heard and read so many others struggle with this plant from seed too. It’s one of those: plant 100 seeds, maybe get 5 or 6 to grow! Ya, it’s a challenge. But I am up for it!

This year – I am going to try the lemon grass plant. It just sounds like fun! πŸ™‚ I think these will be in a pot though. Keeping it contained is suggested. Since it is a grass, it can spread, and I don’t want it taking over! I got enough weed-pulling activities going on out there.

Other than garden dreams, homestead dreams (this is the year of some more fencing!), arts and craft/project dreams… I will continue working on the balance and harmonization of all things: heart-mind, body-spirit, soul-healing! At all the levels required at any given moment (of the moments-of-Now).

I, personally, am pretty excited to be on-to this next year of more amazing things!

Happy new year!

Yes, happy indeed.

πŸ™‚ ❀

12-25-2021 Our backyard. The beginning of the PNW polar vortex days… Brrrr, our temps hung-out at the 0 degree-zone for over a week!


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