Aries Season!

It’s the vernal equinox, my b-day month, and the ushering in of spring-time newness! As the Sun enters Aries (March 20th/spring equinox; Aries at zero°) it’s the start of the astrological New Year. It’s always been my, personal, ‘new year’; I kind-of flow with my birthday (month) as the time for newness and refresh – not what ‘society’ has been programmed to do/think/believe in. January as the mark of the new (linear) calendar/cycle… it always seemed odd (to me) to stick the new year in the middle of a season. Fresh, new, start in the dead of winter (for the northern hemi)? No. Not for me. Spring is: fresh and new! But… maybe, for me, because this is ‘my month’ – it just all works out. Timing… am I right? 🙂 (hahaha). If I was born… say in May or June – I might have a different perspective about all of this; but I wasn’t – I’m a March baby, an Aries and spring time/the equinox just all kind-of flow n’ mesh. If any of this makes sense – cool. If not… oh well. 🙂

Zodiac side-note: I will mention though – that – I am gaining a deeper, resonating interest in switching over to the sidereal astrology/chart. I found this fascinating a couple of years ago. And have been delving deeper into how it truly relates with my now, ascending, Self. When I say – switching over… it’s in relation to/of: not following solely the tropical zodiac of the 12 signs – but to start utilizing the sidereal astrology that includes the awesome Ophiuchus! It is more fitting for my ever evolving Self during this transitional-earth and times. I am sure this is probably true for… everyone!

Maybe down-the-road of my ever-evolving Self-discovery and studies 🙂 I’ll journal about all that fun stuff! Until then, I still recognize my Aries-izum(s) and still see and feel the energies there. Born an Aries but ascending as a Pisces. It is all fun and fascinating!

I will now reel-it-back in! 🙂

Equinox and birthday time… I usually do a lot of reflection, Self inquiry, deeper inner-child healing, forgiveness of Self – which brings about new levels of Love for Self. What I have noticed over the last handful of years (birthdays) is that – because I have been working on myself constantly; processing things right-then-and-there, digging deeper when the time is (Divinely) right, and developing open communication relationship with my physical vessel as well as my energetic layers (ie. my higher Self); my reflection time and Self inquiry has stabilized and feels more harmonious, organic and natural-flowing. I do this: all the time; it’s a part of me and my Do-ing/Be-ing. What I mean by this is – it’s not a big-to-do like it used to be.

I feel more liberated from a lot of ‘baggage’ and blocks that shadowed my mental and emotional states/desires to get to know my Self. Removing/clearing the fear to really dig deep and look at Me, my stuff, family dynamics, past lives, shadow(s), and a myriad of all kinds of things! Things of truth that now come into my consciousness/awareness that might have been too weird, scary or crazy-blow-my-mind kind of stuff. My mind still gets blown… because I don’t know what I don’t know BUT I am open to allow information. Receive information – then process it. The infinite intelligence is vast beyond the multiverses! Us ‘human-brains’ don’t know shit! Well, technically – that’s probably all we know! Hahaha! Yes, we are dumb. But that’s only because we have been chained and enslaved to our ego-mind; which has also been hijacked with drugs, chemicals, metals, and technology. Yup, all part of the negative-agenda(s) to enslave humans and keep us locked down here. Here, earth, in it’s imprisoned state. Thank God – this is changing NOW as we ascend to higher states of consciousness, clean up the planet, and find the Love in all things (Unity).

It’s a lot of healing work – on many levels! Not just our physical-body level; the energetic layers are a huge factor (more important than the vessel)! Yes! Humanity will begin to unlearn all the stagnant dead-energy programming. We will all come to the knowing – we are infinite, eternal, we are energy, we are love, and the vibrations of all of that is what forms the manifested ‘world/reality’ of which we reside. It will change with time and the awakening of consciousness. And – as things continually progress… so will I.

So, what’s on that b-day/equinox to-do list this year? You guessed it: work on the continual path of healing – all levels and all layers! It doesn’t stop, folks! 🙂 I have energetic shift going on as well as physical. In the mix of any ‘random’ (because we all know – nothing is random) ascension symptoms – I am also enjoying the transition into menopause as of late! Interesting times for sure. But, I actually don’t mind. It hasn’t been brutal or bat-shit-crazy like I have heard it could be or read about (those are called: imbalances). Body talk and communication, relationship with my structure, my vessel… has been – a game changer! I think/feel that knowing what I know – that the ascension process and progress is what is bringing stuff to the surface (for all of us) and that it is literally shifting our physical bodies from the cellular-structure and outwards… is totally keeping me in a calm and a peace that I am SO thankful for!

Things are happening within my body – I have moments of physical-tangible feelings of the heart-expansion, or the purging of something (miasmic/ancestral, etc), things pop or buzz. It’s all very interesting. It doesn’t freak me out because I innately and intuitively know and understand – this is healing and repair work, shifting, transitioning, embodiment of the light-body process. I allow.

What begins to flow when I allow (while working on my healing) – it’s just that: flow. No resistance, no blocking, stopping, or denying.

Fluidity is becoming more of a requirement as we shift timelines now. The open-ness and allowing for change (whatever it is) is helping direct us and/or keep us in alignment with our heart and heart path.

This is all good.

I have set the intention for another amazing healing year!

New year – new me! Kicking things off in amazing Aries 🙂 … what more can I say: kick the tires and light the fires! Let’s do this! (Self motivation anyone?!)

Yes, I am stoked! I have NO idea what is actually next for me. Sure, I have some plans, goals and ideas – but I keep things fluid 🙂 and allow the guidance/the Self, and the Universe-at-large to keep me on track.

It really is – how I am keepin’-it-‘real’!

* * * * * * *

**The February trip hubby and I took: spent some much needed sunshine-time in AZ! We went to Bell Rock and Sedona as part of our travels around AZ. What a fun adventure! It really was nice to get out and away from the cold and snow! ❤


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