I’m Kerri and you guessed it… I’m an Aries! (k.aries.holistic)

Always been a fan of Astrology but not an astrologer. Love the stars, the Sun, and this infinite Universe we reside in!

I believe in the Universal Laws, that we are energetic-infinite beings, and we are spirit/soul having a human experience.

I have died, at least once, that I know of. 🙂 The NDE would change many things about me. Not knowing or fully understanding this as I was living life… just being Me. I have had some awakening moments through my life that were trying to fully awaken me, not sure why I ignored them. It would be that 2012 timeframe that would awaken me permanently. This is when my real, true, healing, soul path journey would begin.

Empath, Intuitive, Clairsentient/cognizant, Energy worker/healer-helper, Reiki Master and pendulum swinger. Love the crystal realm too! 🙂

Currently empty-nesting with my hubby on our little homestead up in the Pacific Northwest Cascade Mountains. Mom of three wonderful adult kiddos and apparently 2 cats, a dog, some chickens and other various animals that come and go around here. That mini-farming life! 🙂

All of us here on earth bring something no other person will have. We all have experiences, family dynamics, educations, hobbies, and passions that make us unique individuals. It’s part of the fun about living on this planet, in this incarnate. The infinite possibilities of… everything and everyone – makes earth this wonderful, amazing ‘melting pot’! In reality, no one should ever be ‘bored’.

I love to learn, experiment, read, research, and absorb all that I can (that is right and true for me). When you realize your life is an experiment and an experience… it can be fun, light-hearted, and you want to find the joy in it (and what you do). It’s interesting how the seemingly sometimes-random stuff you do throughout your life – is actually what can pull you together to make you… You!

Besides the previously listed, other experiences that have contributed to my uniqueness are (but not limited to):

*Growing up in the 70’s! (Can I get a hell-ya!?) Does that explain a lot? How about teenage years in the 80’s? What a time! What…atime!

*I’ve worked various jobs – from a newspaper, food service, and retail to orchards and farm fields. I have been around gardening and farming most of my life – in some form or another.

*My true love (besides plants!) is painting and being creative, crafty, and playing in the kitchen.

*Hubby and I have owned and operated a restaurant.

*Along my path-of-life I have collected a couple of certifications. I am a certified Interior Designer. Then while needing to heal myself, and over time, I became a certified Reiki Master (this is also expanding as I continually learn above and beyond Reiki; energy healing is infinite!). I am also a certified Holistic Life Coach; and a Mind-Body Fitness Coach too. Who knows what I’ll learn and go/do down the road… that’s the fun part; infinite knowledge is the limit, right?! We are beyond ‘the sky’ these days.

Blending these things together along with my many other interests, hobbies, and desire to keep learning – has brought a unique mixture for the now and where I see myself going in life. Mixed with challenges and healing – it’s going to be a fun, amazing, wonderful journey!


Thank you for stopping by. I can honestly say – I don’t really have any big-grandiose ‘goals’ for this blog. Since it is my journaling-out-loud, it is what it is. It’s my little space-n-place for sharing of things-in-general, my progress and growth, as I journey along my ascension path. From ‘real-life’ stuff to emotional/physical/spiritual health and growth. It may or might not resonate with you, and that’s okay. In this vast world of the ‘internet’ there will be something, somewhere, for everyone.

Love and Blessings ❤