The 12th Month

December 2020 12-1-2020, 12-2-2020, 12-10-2020, 12-11-2020, 12-12-2020, 12-20-2020, 12-21-2020, 12-22-2020 Look at all these fun ‘codes’! Almost looks binary! Fun fact: binary coding – that Gottfried Leibniz developed in 1689 – is based on the I Ching. Spirituality and codes from the Universe run deep! 🙂 This month (all months are actually this energetic once … More The 12th Month

The Lull of January

I usually have a tendency to say: wow, where did ‘that’ month go? But for some reason… with January, I don’t think I ever say that. It’s usually – man, this month is just dragging-on! So… slow! I know it’s because we have those brutal, cold, grey, buried-under-snow kind of January’s. I’m sure that if … More The Lull of January

Happy 2019!

A simple: Happy New Year!  🙂 May it be: wonderful, amazing, awesome, blessed, abundant, healthy, nurturing, supportive, creative, harmonious, balanced, loving, happy, joyous, and… FUN!    

Merry Christmas!

‘Dear Diary’, I am thankful for this quiet little Christmas at home. It’s just us this year… our family unit. This is nice… I love hearing the laughter of my kiddos, the goofiness, the fun! I am grateful that we like hanging out together: playing games/cards, baking and cooking, talking… from the joking to the … More Merry Christmas!