End of Summer Smokes

The hubby and I live in an area where wildfires are becoming the norm for summer/fall activity. Not the best in โ€˜activitiesโ€™, thatโ€™s for sure. But they are happening and some, over the years, have been more close to home than others. We have had to evacuate a time or two. Our place-of-residence(s) would make … More End of Summer Smokes

Is it summer yet?

The latest and greatest? Uhhh, gotta say โ€“ in general, it has been all homestead-life around here since spring has sprung! Activities have been mostly outside, weather permitting. Weโ€™re starting to have quite the mix of weather around here, causing some odd situations โ€“ garden wise, getting our DIY deck done, our chickens and meat-birds … More Is it summer yet?

Chaga Tincture

I โค tinctures! Chaga double extraction I have been so busy making Chaga tincture! It took me all month to make it! Okayโ€ฆ Iโ€™m not that โ€˜busyโ€™ making this stuff! The actuality is โ€“ it sits in the cabinet all month in some alcohol, extracting itself! Itโ€™s fairly low-maintenance for such and awesome product. I … More Chaga Tincture