Forsythia Fun!

We have a few Forsythia bushes around our property and in the spring โ€“ their pops of yellow are one of the first things to bring color to the yard! Such a pleasure to look at when their branches fill with lots of yellow flowers โ€“ and the smell is amazing! I think they smell … More Forsythia Fun!

Propolis Tincture

As a beekeeper itโ€™s easy to get my hands on some propolis โ€“ as a holistic wellness lifestylerโ€ฆ I am glad that I can! Itโ€™s not that itโ€™s rare or really hard to come by (because the internet has made getting things in ones possession a lot easier); itโ€™s that I know the history, the … More Propolis Tincture

End of Summer Smokes

The hubby and I live in an area where wildfires are becoming the norm for summer/fall activity. Not the best in โ€˜activitiesโ€™, thatโ€™s for sure. But they are happening and some, over the years, have been more close to home than others. We have had to evacuate a time or two. Our place-of-residence(s) would make … More End of Summer Smokes