Simple Herb Tinctures

Let’s make a tincture! 🙂 You know you want to. It’s an easy project with some of the most amazing benefits: Health. That is an amazing benefit! Well, I think so. 🙂 It doesn’t need to be this grand experiment with a giant jar, a big ole bottle of booze and buckets of herbs. It … More Simple Herb Tinctures


Propolis Tincture

As a beekeeper it’s easy to get my hands on some propolis – as a holistic wellness lifestyler… I am glad that I can! It’s not that it’s rare or really hard to come by (because the internet has made getting things in ones possession a lot easier); it’s that I know the history, the … More Propolis Tincture


Is it spring yet? Ummm…. For us, the farm-life ‘season’ (or year) doesn’t seem to really kick-off until our baby chicks arrive. There’s just something about these little babies that symbolize the start of the ‘new year’ for us. Maybe it’s because we only see miles and miles of white snow for months and these … More Chickies!