The Homestead

It’s where I spend most of my time! 🙂

Just wanted to share a little bit about our life here and my everyday surroundings:

The view:

the view

This isn’t the exact view from our window… no. But I will say… it’s not too far off. This is from a hillside overlooking our property. We live… somewhere down over on the right in this pic…

Gotta admit – living in these Cascade mountains is pretty awesome. There are days when I still get amazing-rush-feelings of gratitude when I look at my immediate surroundings. Feeling blessed… for sure! ❤

It’s a jungle out there!

We bought an ‘elbow-grease’ set up – a place that was in desperate need of some TLC. So, I guess that’s us! We’re the lucky ones! We haven’t been here long but we sure are workin’ hard at cleaning her up and bringing things back to life. Most of our fix-up work is outside and around the property. She was basically… abandoned. Lots of over-growth and/or it’s broken-down and in need of repair!

Must. Grow. Plants!

I love ❤ gardening and can’t be without one for long!
There was no ‘plot’ or gardening area here… so we rolled-up our sleeves and started diggin’ in! The ‘core’/structure is built. The inner-workings and gardening area(s) is still a work in progress. Making a garden from nothing is a lot of work!

2019: We are growing a lot of our garden in the composting rings. It works great. Making our dirt… dirtier! 🙂

We also get lots of fun visitors – mostly the ‘usual suspects’ like birds, butterflies, etc; but we also get the lizards and the snakes. You never know who’s going to visit you while you are out there!

The edible jungle around here!

tea time


If it’s not growing in the garden – it’s an easy forage around here.

The wild medicinal plant-life are like… weeds!
I have no shortage of yarrow, clover, mullein, curly dock, dandelion, and on and on…

It’s pick and dry, or making tinctures and infused oils.

Fill up that homestead apothecary!


We love being able to raise what we eat and are working on being our more sustainable-selves.
We currently raise egg layer chickens and meat bird chickens; we have heritage piggy’s and honey bees. Who knows what we’ll bring home next…?

P.S. Borage... one of my favorite flowers! It’s top 5. Of course the sunflower is #1. 🙂

Family members:

These are the cat-loves; great mousers… and… molers (yes, the moles around here are abundant). Our ‘boys’ – the brothers: Neo and Morpheus; and ya… I call them my little Sirian tigers. They are sweet-hearts. Awe… what’s not to love? 🙂

Our boy – Bear. Also… a great mouser, and moler. And can’t forget: chicken wrangler! Another baby who just is a big-ball-of-love… Most labs are, right?


last but not least 🙂


This is me… I don’t do very many selfies (I find the ‘results’ kind-a rough sometimes! hahaha :-)) but I did this one while road-trippin’ through the mountains with the fam!moi2








Thanks for stopping by and checkin’ out the homestead. I do post current activities and what’s happening on instagram… you can also hangout with me over there. 🙂