April Sunshine!

April has been a busy month! This month – usually a little unpredictable around here; it could snow… still! But it has been warm, pleasant, and we have been hustling to get some things done. We usually don’t get all this extra time before it’s suddenly summer! Kind-of funny-weird but true.

Farming and gardening has ensued. Our piggies are adjusting, growing, and doing great. Our chickens – same. We started working on a few things around the property. It’s the year we plan to re-fence. This will be an under taking! Three acres of fence is not done in a weekend; not when it’s just us (basically… and, maybe one-other-guy. I hope! :-)). This might take us a while! But I am excited that we are getting it started. The fencing that is around us has moments of dilapidation, completely broken down, or just not even there! Sketch, at best! We put off fencing last year so we could get our deck done. Ahhh, the joys of an elbow-greaser! The projects never end. Especially when it’s being converted into a homestead!

And… also – because we are wanting a back yard place to hang-out… We are putting in a fire ring pit for watching the sunset. Moving rock around – exhausting! My working-out has begun to shift from Pilates sessions to outside/outdoor garden, yard, farming, homesteading work-outs. Two very different workouts! Am I right?! Winter-body is now getting in that shift mode to physical-labor-summer body! Hahaha.

Seriously though – as things progress and you see these gradual steps of things coming to fruition – it truly is an awesome feeling of gratitude. Every step there is gratitude! And for the most part… it’s that neither hubby nor I acquire some sort of injury while slugging, digging, moving all this rock around! Thank God! I’m giving a shout-out to CBD body lotion and creams right now! Thank you to those as they really do ease the tensions and aches; the result: better sleep, better repair and healing.

As for gardening – the fall planted garlic is up and looking vibrant! I am prepping beds right now and getting things ready for plants n’ seeds. I got the little seedlings and sprouts doin’ their thing in all the windows of the house. They won’t hit the dirt outside until May (at various times). Until then, it’s just work, work, work and more work… outside! I am so looking forward to relaxing around that fire (ring/pit)! 🙂

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